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“Doktor Snake is a true mystic and his vision will lead you into places you never dreamed of…”

“Dr. Snake’s the best folks. Here’s my testimony. I gave my friend a copy of Snake’s first book [Voodoo Spellbook] in 2002. My friend had just opened a nightclub in Baltimore that was bound to have hard times. The area was sort of rough and America was getting paranoid about going out. Here we are seven years later and Red Maple is still thriving. All I can say is wow!”

“I bought Dr. Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook a few weeks ago as a sceptic. But after reading it through I had a dream to go to the casino. I went the next day and won $200.00. Boy was I happy. It is very inspiring, and i will say from personal experience that some of the spell work in this book has worked for me. It is simple to understand, enchanting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I read it straight thru…”

“Doktor Snake is very inspiring, he worked his spell on me!”

“Reading Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook was one of the best instinctive moves I have ever made…”

“I like this book Voodoo Spellbook becuse it introduces a whole bunch of different methods in not just voodoo but divanation as well. I oraganally had bought this book a while ago but my mother had went nuts about the fact that I’m learning or even bringing in books on voodoo and threw it away without my knowing.”

“Very nice book Voodoo Spellbook for those of us who are curious and those of us who want to cast spells. I recommended this book. It was fun reading all those spells.”

“Doktor Snake opened up something in me which is timeless…”

“I read this book Voodoo Spellbook in one sitting, and could not put it down. This small coffee-table style book is packed with short spells and stories that explain the subject in a very concise and entertaining manner. At-first, it seems like the book & voodoo doll is a quaint gift set, but the feel of the book and the writings within are inspiring and conducive to comprehending a general overview of Southern Voodoo / Hoodoo.”